Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holy Long-winded!

Long time, no, blog...huh? Seems I disappeared into the great unknown for awhile. Okay, so not really the unknown...but homework and kids and work all that jazz. You :)

Anyhow, I apologize to anyone who might have actually been concerned, though, come know how shitty I am about blogging. It's more likely that something's wrong with me if I actually blog, like say, more than once a week. Or a month. Whatever. Just want to clarify that all is well in Jolieland. I've got a week left of school before break and, sweet Jesus, am I ever looking forward to it! Not sure exactly how long I'll be off--I'm thinking close to five weeks--but rest assured, I will be enjoying every second of it.

That said, I'm hoping to get a lot of reading done between now and next semester (my last one, I might add, thank you very much ;) ). And when I say a lot...I mean A LOT. Like half my TBR. least a quarter of it. Okay, more like an eighth, considering what once was a single shelf of books is now two...with about half that many laying around on the floor of my bedroom. Hey, I've been busy. And I'm addicted to buying books. I can't help it. And besides, it could be worse, could it not? I could be an alcoholic, drinking margaritas all day long, right? Hmm...that actually doesn't sound that bad, does it? :)

I'm also thinking about trying to write again. I say 'trying' not because I was struggling (I know...ROFLYMFAO), but because I just didn't have time. And I know...according to one Mr. Stephen King...a writer that does make me not. Or however that's supposed to go. And while I could go on and on about my plans and my excuses and whatnot, nobody really gives a shit (or at least...I'm not any different than anyone else with my trials and tribulations, so y'all can relate on some level, I'm sure, to why I've pushed writing aside for awhile). And you probably know, too, how damn hard it is to stay away from something you love so much. Pain in the ass that it can be sometimes. And that, my friends, is why I'm thinking I need to spend a little time on the horse again during my break. Might not get anything done. Okay, probably won't get anything done. But words are words, are they not? Someday they've gotta add up to something, right?

So, I haven't decided what I'm going to write yet. I think a novella maybe...something short and sweet. Something that won't be dogging me--hopefully--once January 12 and the winter semester rolls around. I'm also thinking of a Christmas setting too, because, hello, there's inspiration all around me right now. That said...I'm also thinking of doing my own version of NaNo since my time is limited. How nuts is that? I mean, really? I haven't written in months and I'm thinking of setting myself up against a pretty steep challenge right off the bat. But, as I said above about the words adding up...someday I've gotta succeed too, right? :)

And now that I've written probably the longest blog in the history of this blog...I bid you adieu. I won't make any promises, but my guess is that I'll probably be a tad better about blogging for the next few weeks. So...come back and feel free to poke sticks at me. I'll probably need it. :)

Much love...


Moira said...

Well, I can't say I will poke a stick at you... might throw one if you get out of line, but that is another story. ;) Not to knock Stephen King, (after all he is unarguably, a master of his craft), but I am sure even in his early days, life managed to creep in and take hold, diverting him from his true passion.

Rachel Hawkins said...

Yay! So glad you're back and everything is well! And I hear you about life getting in the way. My book was supposed to be finished 2 weeks ago, and it's only about halfway done. *Sigh* Hope you write something totally fun and awesome over the break!

Bethanne said...

Your blog looks beautiful.
I hope this holiday season brings you warmth and words. Lots of words. :)