Monday, December 15, 2008

Yep, I'm at it AGAIN...

Y'all know how damn indecisive I am. My ever-changing blog layout is proof enough. It's something I'm trying to work on--seriously. My mama must not have loved me enough or some other psychobabble. Just kidding, of course, Mom. :(

Anyhow, while Jolie a fine and dandy name, and I am not giving it up because I still need an alter ego with which I can be sassy online and protect my true identity, I just wanna be me, too. I'm not exactly ready for a pen name anyhow, so there's no point to being someone I'm not, not that I'm even sure I want to be someone else once I do write something worthwhile *big breath*.

So, for the purpose of just cutting the crap already, I'm moving to a new blog, using my own name. Well, my own first name anyhow (again, that whole protecting my snarky ass thing).

Here's the link. Come visit me there if you want. Or wash your hands of my sorry behind once and for all. Your call.